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Artist statement


My artwork is about combining noble metals, such as 24k gold, platina, silver etc. reversed onto  glass. I love working with these materials for its delicacy and strength. To combine these materials is fulfilling to me because of its shimmering and mirror like reflections that makes my glass paintings change depending on morning, day and evening light. Also depending on from which angle you look at it.


There is a mystery behind these paintings, even for me as the artist. As I paint my faces on the backside of the glass, they are brought to life on their own on the opposite side. A face expression can become totally different when its reflected in reverse.


And for the furniture art,  I create what I dream of owning myself. One of a kind unique furnitures to bring style and personality to your home. Home is where the art is.

Mercedes Murat


Mercedes Murat is an international artist born in Sweden in 1981, who has become known for her unique artworks, including artistic furniture, and glass paintings made with a rare art form called verre églomisé, wherein the paintings are made reversed onto glass, incorporating noble metals such as platinum, silver, and 24k gold. Mercedes is one of the few artists in the world to work with this ancient craft within contemporary art. 


With a background in traditional craft techniques and decorative arts through studies in both Sweden and England, Mercedes has been a professional artist since 2013, building up an impressive portfolio, and having displayed her work in venues around the world such as art galleries in Milano, Florens, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Helsinki, Oslo and Sweden, where she lives.

Her glass paintings focus on faces, the majority being female, with incorporation of noble metals such as gold being a strong factor in the allure of these works. The fact that they are created onto the backside of glass makes the images give off a completely different expression in reverse. The style of her paintings is reminiscent art deco works of the 1920’s but with a modern twist, supplanting her unique style into the contemporary era.


Her furniture works are equally as alluring, merging an eclectic blend of style and colors to create quirky pieces with the goal of making her dream furniture become a reality, allowing people to bring style and personality into their home. They are made with a variety of gilding, painting and upholstering techniques upon rococo pieces.

Through her continuing work, she strives to catch the attention of her followers through her uniquely developed techniques and edgy tastes. She has been publicly displaying her work globally since 2011 with new projects constantly under way.            

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